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Lord Mayor 2012-2013
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Welcome to the Socops charity website.

Social Opportunities (SOCOPS) provides support for children from 8 years of age with a High Functioning Autistic Spectrum Condition and their families.

SOCOPS runs 2 clubs, SOCOPS Club for 8 - 15 years and Socops Plus for 15+ years.

SOCOPS CLUB provides a weekly support group for families who have children with high functioning Autism or Asperger Syndrome


Parents or carers attend with their children. Parents benefit from mutual support, signposting advice, information, guest speakers.


Children benefit from accessing activities facilitated by our professional staff and volunteers, such as Art, music, dance, cooking, sports, team games, story telling, animal experiences, and family trips out. Siblings (young carers) are also welcome to join in with these activities which are aimed at providing a positive experience for the Autistic child whilst improving social skills, self-esteem and confidence.


This project is a continuing success with parents who have commented on how well their children have learned to interact and make new friends.

SOCOPS PLUS provides a social group/ youth group for young people aged 15-23 who have Asperger Syndrome/High functioning Autism


Our skilled support workers accompany young people in groups who meet to take part in activities at venues in the community to benefit from gaining friends and improve social skills, confidence and independence.


At our socops clubs we employ professional staff,  from a broad range of backgrounds to facilitate play and activates. All staff and volunteers have DBS checks


The charity works closely with Exeter University and welcomes student volunteers who benefit from gaining the experience of working alongside an entire family group.


Socops is a not for profit Charity, run by a committee of Trustees who give their time freely. Funds are raised through grant application and fundraising events.

If you would like to donate to the socops charity please email


The Lord Mayor of Exeter's Charity of the year 2012 - 2013

Social Opportunities for children with High Functioning Autism and their families
Registered Charity Number 1133360